Silver Service


Silver Service

Basic Service


Standard Oil Filters


πŸ”§ Drain and Change Engine Oil

πŸ”§ Remove and Replace Oil Filter

πŸ”§ Full Engine Diagnostic Health Check

πŸ”§ Top Up Washer Fluids

πŸ”§ Top Up Coolant

πŸ”§ Check Dash Warning Lights

πŸ”§ Cam Belt Due Date Check

πŸ”§ Wipers and Wiper Blade Check

πŸ”§ Battery Check

πŸ”§ Check Hooter

πŸ”§ Check Power Steering Fluid

πŸ”§ Check Brake Fluid

πŸ”§ Check All Belts (Excl Cam Belt)

πŸ”§ Check Air Filter

πŸ”§ Check Brake Pads – Visual

πŸ”§ Check CV Boots – Visual

πŸ”§ Check Exterior Lights

πŸ”§ Check Tyres

πŸ”§ Car Air Freshener


Costs will vary according to Vehicle Manufacture’s recommended oil and parts.

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