Silver Service


Silver Service

Basic Service


  • From $180.00 Passenger Petrol Vehicles   – 4 Litres Oil
  • From $219.00 Diesel; 4 x 4 Utes and Vans – 6 Litres Oil

Standard Oil Filters


🔧 Drain and Change Engine Oil

🔧 Remove and Replace Oil Filter

🔧 Full Engine Diagnostic Health Check

🔧 Top Up Washer Fluids

🔧 Top Up Coolant

🔧 Check Dash Warning Lights

🔧 Cam Belt Due Date Check

🔧 Wipers and Wiper Blade Check

🔧 Battery Check

🔧 Check Hooter

🔧 Check Power Steering Fluid

🔧 Check Brake Fluid

🔧 Check All Belts (Excl Cam Belt)

🔧 Check Air Filter

🔧 Check Brake Pads – Visual

🔧 Check CV Boots – Visual

🔧 Check Exterior Lights

🔧 Check Tyres

🔧 Car Air Freshener


Costs will vary according to Vehicle Manufacture’s recommended oil and parts.

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For Ease of Reference – Printable PDF: Silver Service Passenger Vehicle and Silver Service 4 x 4 Utes Vans