Air Conditioning Service and Regas


Air Conditioning Service & Regas 🏷 $190.00

An air conditioning service and regas detects leaks in the air-con system, vacuums the system to remove moisture and then fills with new gas and oil. The result – no more musty smells and a cool car.

An Air-Con Service and Regas does not include repairing broken fans, switches or compressors and seals.  It only detects leaks, it does not repair them.  However, small leaks may go undetected. If you suspect you may have a leak, a leak detection dye will be inserted with the gas and oil and after a week or two, the leaks will be picked up with a leak detection light.

It is important to run your air conditioning at least once a week for ten minutes, even throughout Winter to ensure that the seals do not dry and crack as well as keeping the compressor lubricated.

Get in touch to book your air conditioning regas and service. $190.00 incl GST for Standard Vehicle (400 – 600 g)