Please note Warrant of Fitness (WoF) Testing can only be done at a Certified Warrant Workshop and cannot be done as a Mobile Service.

However we can assist with any Warrant Repairs needed.  Contact Us for a repair quote or booking.

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    Find answers to the most common questions

    It is recommended that you get your oil changed every year or every 15,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. However some of the newer vehicles require more frequent oil changes. Always check your owner manual or contact us and we will be happy to look into what the manufacturer states is appropriate for your vehicle.

    Manufacturers recommend you rotate your tyres every 10,000 kilometres. Tyres may not wear evenly if not rotated. Front tyres play a larger role in braking, and on front-wheel-drive vehicles they must claw for traction, which means they wear out more quickly. Your owners manual should recommend the rotation pattern and frequency for your vehicle. Some are front-to-rear, others side-to-side.

    Coolant in Cooling Systems should be tested regularly to ensure that the Cooling System will work effectively in really cold areas and not freeze causing cracked radiators resulting in expensive repairs.

    Most manufacturers recommend around 15,000 km, but this varies from vehicle to vehicle and manufacturer to manufacturer. We can look up what is recommended specifically for your vehicle to ensure it stays properly maintained.

    If your check engine light is on, that is your vehicle reporting an issue. The light indicates that a trouble code has been stored inside the history in your vehicle’s on-board computer, or ECM (Engine Control Module.) You need to have that code scanned and interpreted. From there, the diagnostics can begin.

    With proper maintenance, your vehicle is less likely to break down, but it is unlikely that it will never break down. It is a man made machine, so it will break down at some point. The goal is to find any issues and resolve them before they leave you stranded on the side of the road.


    Most requested services

    Breakdown Service

    Car troubles - whether it is a flat tyre on the side of the road or your car just won't start we will endeavour to get you going again wherever you are. Most repairs can be done on the side of the road, if not we will do our best to get you and your car somewhere safe until the car is repaired.

    Air Conditioning Service

    An Air Con Service recovers old gas from the Vehicle Air Conditioning System and replaces with new gas to remove moisture. The gas contains oil which lubricates the internal workings and prevents corrosion. The gas and oil are set at a certain ratio to operate efficiently. Without the proper equipment, it is not possible to measure this. During a professional service, this oil is carefully extracted and replaced. An Air Con Service can also detect leaks in the system.

    Tyre Sales and Fitment

    According to NZTA, a tyre must have a tread pattern depth of at least 1.5mm within all principal grooves around the whole circumference of the tyre. Tyres are the only thing that comes between your vehicle and the road. Get in touch to replace or rotate your tyres.


    Most modern vehicles contain an onboard computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the performance of the vehicle. The increasing amount of electronics in the vehicle requires a professional diagnosis. Diagnostics is a more technical element to car servicing. When a technician services a car it is likely that he will use a ‘diagnostic tool’ to do so. We use the latest Diagnostic Tools to diagnose fault codes and to reset service lights

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    2% Finance Charge on Paywave & Credit Card

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