Brake Rotor Replacement or Skimming

Shuddering or vibration is caused when the brake discs have more than 0.5mm of run out. Run out meaning that the brake rotors move more than a minimal amount of 0.5mm. This can be caused by dirt or rust on the discs/rotors or uneven spots on the discs. This causes the brake pad to have intermittent contact with the disc instead of constant motion, thus causing a shudder or vibration when the brake pedal is pressed.

As it is essential that your brakes work correctly it is important to have this corrected as soon as possible. This is corrected by skimming the brake discs/brake rotors, which will result in a smooth and clean surface for the brake pads. If the brake discs are too thin they need to be changed.

Brake pads should never be fitted to brake discs that are worn, even if only slightly worn.

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