We are now on the last legs of a very difficult and strange year. A year that no one could envisage this time last year. For those going away for the Festive Season, you may want to go through this Pre-Holiday Car Checklist as part of your holiday preparations, if you are road tripping.

Don’t let a breakdown ruin your holiday, adding to your 2020 woes.

Although it is impossible to foresee every type of breakdown that can occur, there are a few things you can check, which should avoid some of the common roadside problems.

Pre-Holiday Car Checklist

  1. Brake Pads: Remove one of the rear wheels and check the thickness of the pads. If the pad is less than 2 mm thick, seek advice.
  2. Tyres: Before a long trip your tyres should have at least 3 mm to 4 mm tread depth left. There should be no cuts in the tread area or sidewalls. There should be no signs of abnormal wear on the tyre tread. Don’t forget to check your spare tyre. Check the tyres on your trailers and caravans if you are towing. Make sure that your jack is in good working condition. Check that the wheel spanner fits and is capable of loosening the wheel nuts. Inflate tyres to slightly above their normal pressures and do not deflate them to “correct” pressures on the road.
  3. Steering: With the vehicle stationary, check the steering free-play by moving the steering wheel from side to side. If there is more than one eighth (of the circumference) movement from side to side or if the steering is noisy, have it checked.
  4. Brakes: Make sure that the brakes stop the car evenly with no excessive travel on the pedal. The pedals should not be spongy and no noise should be audible. If any faults are found, the braking system should be checked and repaired.
  5. Clutch: Make sure the clutch is not on the verge of slipping. With the vehicle stationary, press the brake pedal with the toe of your right foot while pressing the accelerator pedal lightly with the heel of your right foot. With the transmission in low gear, let the clutch out. The engine should stall immediately, if not book it in to be checked.
  6. Wipers: Check not only the condition of your wiper blades but also the wiping action of the blades. The blades should clean the glass on both the forward and back movements. If not, change the blades. Wash the windscreen with soap and water – do not use a silicon-based solvent.
  7. Electrical System: Make sure the battery is secure and that there is no corrosion on the terminals. Corrosion can be cleaned off with a solution of bicarbonate soda in water. If you suspect your battery has a problem, have it tested. Check that the lights and indicators are working properly. If you are towing a caravan, make sure that the lights have been readjusted to compensate for the load of the van on the rear of the car.
  8. Cooling System: Check the fan belt for cracks and tension (you should be able to deflect it 1 mm to 1.5 mm in an up and down movement between pulleys). Check the water hoses for signs of perishing or leaks and with the radiator cap on and the engine running at part throttle, check for any tendency for the hoses to collapse inwards. If at all uncertain book your car in to be checked. Make sure that the radiator cap is sealing properly.
  9. Filters: Keep a record of when the air and oil filters of your car should be changed. Not only do intervals vary, but the nature of your driving and the conditions under which you drive will determine when filters need to be changed. Under dusty driving conditions filters need to be changed more frequently.
  10. Gearbox: If you have an automatic gearbox, check the oil level, when the engine is hot.


If you are towing this Summer and have not seen this video on the New Zealand Police Facebook Page, then do watch it now.

Air Conditioning

The temperatures are increasing every day and before you know it, the high temperatures are going to have you turning on your air-con for some cool relief. Don’t let an empty air-conditioning system leave you hot and flustered on your road trip. Your air conditioning system is a must when doing your pre-holiday car checklist.

We have tried to keep the cost of our air conditioning service and regas as low as possible and carried the cost of the last increase without passing it onto our customers. However, our supplier has notified us that there will be a substantial increase in the price of gas when they receive their new stock. We have no alternative but to increase our prices in the new year. The increase has to do with a general increase as well as Green’s Taxes.

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