It’s that time of year when we start to use our car air conditioning daily. Whether it’s raining, to quickly demist our windows, or to turn it up to cool down the interior because it is just too hot and muggy outdoors to have just the windows open – air conditioning is a must for a pleasant drive.

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Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille, fresh air is coming out of the air conditioning system

Due to demand we have extended our October Air Conditioning Service and Regas Special, until the end of November 2020. Bookings are essential, so be sure to book in time before the end of November 2020.

Air Conditioning Service & Regas

November Special $149.50

Terms and Conditions Apply

Car Air Conditioning Service Includes

  • Leak Detection Fluid
  • New Oil in System
  • Vent Bacteria Clean

Car Air Conditioning Service Excludes

  • Excludes repairs to the compressor
  • Repairing leaks
  • Repairs to broken fans and switches

The Special applies to Standard Vehicles – 450 to 600 grams of Gas

Cabin Filter

Whilst your Cabin Filter, also known as a Pollen Filter is not part of an Air Conditioning Service a clean filter enables the air conditioning to work at it’s optimum. Dirty Pollen Filters in your car contribute to bad allergies. Remember Pollen filters filter dust, pollen, fumes as well as other contaminants, giving the occupants of the vehicle crisp, clean air to breathe. Have your Cabin Filter changed at your next service.

Our Mobile Air Conditioning Service connected to customer's vehicle

We are Mobile and come to you whether at work or at home or even on the side of the street.

To make a booking, Call / Text / Whatsapp or make an online booking over here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more specials and motoring tips.

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