Exhaust gases can build up quickly into a lethal concentration if a vehicle is left idling in a confined space. Never leave your vehicle idling for long periods in the garage even with the doors and windows open or when stationary in tunnels.

Switch off your vehicle in traffic jams to avoid adding to the build-up of exhaust emissions and avoid sucking exhaust gases into the car through the heater’s booster fan.

Carbon Monoxide cannot be completely eliminated from a car’s exhaust gases, but it can be reduced by regular maintenance and servicing.

The exhaust system itself may leak carbon monoxide into the vehicle from ehaust gases and should be inspected regulary.

Cars used only for short journeys tend to develop exhaust leaks because the engine does not run long enough to heat and disperse corrosive moisture in the exhaust pipe and rust develops.

It's always a good idea to take your car for a long 30 km drive, every so often, if it's only used or short trips. Click To Tweet

Station wagons should not be driven with the rear loading door open nor sedans with the boot open. This will create a low-pressure area which will draw exhaust gases into the vehicle. If the door cannot be closed have at least one window open.

Never ignore the smell of exhaust fumes. Leaking exhaust fumes on long trips can cause sleepiness and a possible road fatality.

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