There is a hint of Jasmine in the air, daffodils are blooming and baby lambs are frolicking in fields – sure signs that we are on the journey to Spring and warmer days. Even with all the signs that we have entered the first month of Spring, we still have many icy wet days ahead of us and driving a car that is all-weather ready makes for a safe and comfortable journey. Cruise into Spring with some car maintenance for warm Spring days and wet cold days.

Wiper Blades

As much as we need rain, driving in the rain can be a hazard.

Check Your Wiper Blades – Clear Vision On The Road Becomes Vital In The Rainy Season!!

Cabin Filter

With Spring in the air and the smell of Jasmine everywhere, the trees full of blossoms, allergies tend to play up too. Dirty Pollen (Cabin) Filters in your car contribute to bad allergies. Remember Pollen Filters, filter dust, pollen, fumes as well as other contaminants, giving the occupants of the vehicle crisp, clean air to breathe. They also enable the air conditioning system in the vehicle to work at its optimum. Another good reason to service your vehicle regularly!!  When you service your vehicle again ask to have your Cabin Filter changed if it has not been changed in awhile.

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Smooth tyres and wet icy roads are a recipe for disaster. Check your tyre tread depth. The minimum legal depth is 1.5mm, but the more tread you have the safer your vehicle will be on the road.

Check that your tyre pressure is correct – the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found in your car manual or on the side panel of the door.



Check that all lights are working and that your lenses are not cracked or dirty. We still have many dark mornings and evenings ahead of us and clear vision is imperative for a safe journey.

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