On the 27 April 2020, at 23:59, we go from Level 4 Lockdown to Level 3 and you may all be wondering how it will affect you and your vehicle repairs or services and what Level 3 means for our business.

What we have learnt is that the Alert Levels detail on the Covid-19 website states that businesses can open if they can trade without physical contact with customers (e.g. through phone/online orders, delivery, pick-up and drive-through).  This means that we can now service and repair all vehicles – not just essential supply only – provided that we have a plan in place to ensure that face-to-face customer contact is not required.  It also means we need to be able to do business without allowing customers to come inside our premises. We are mobile, which means that our clients do not have the risk of coming to our premises.

All bookings for services and repairs can be made online by text/phone/whatsapp or Facebook Messenger and payment can be made via online banking. All quotes, payment arrangements and where to leave vehicle keys, will be made at the time of booking to ensure no face -to- face contact.

We will continue to adhere to all guidelines from the Ministry of Health and Covid-19 Government website and take every precaution to eliminate surface contamination.

We will be taking precautions like wiping down steering wheels, gear levers, indicators, keys, door handles, etc with disinfectant to minimise the chances of cross-contamination and wearing gloves where possible.

Warrant of Fitness Overdue

We can arrange to collect your vehicle for you, take it for the test and drop it off again, saving you from leaving your bubble for a WOF Certificate. Give us a call to arrange your Warrant vehicle collection.

We do ask that if you are sick or display any Covid-19 Symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has or may have Covid-19, to please, let us know and we will reschedule your appointment.

Don’t forget to run your car for at least ten to twenty minutes, once a week, if you are not driving daily, to make sure your battery does not run flat.

In the meantime, stay safe in your bubble and if you have any car related questions or car problems, please do get in touch via phone/text / whatsapp or messenger.

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