It’s Waitangi Day weekend this coming weekend and you don’t want a car breakdown to ruin your Waitangi Day celebrations and festivities. While it is impossible to foresee every type of breakdown, following these tips should prevent the common roadside problems:

Breakdown Prevention Tips

  • Brake Pads – Remove the rear wheel & check the thickness of the brake pads. If the pad is less than 2mm thick, its best to replace your pads. Get in touch to have them checked and or replaced.
  • Tyres – Before a long trip your tyres should have at least 3 mm to 4mm tread depth left. Check for any cuts in the tread area or sidewalls or any abnormal wear on the tyre tread. Replace tyres if any wear or cuts are found. Don’t forget to check the spare wheel as well. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated – inflate them slightly above normal pressures when travelling long distances. Our workshop in a van has the equipment to fit and balance tyres at a place convenient for you. Give us a call if you need tyres fitted at work or home before your trip.
  • Jack and Wheel Spanner – Check that your jack is in good working condition; check that the wheel spanner fits and is capable of loosening the wheel nuts. If you have loosened the wheel nuts, make sure you have tightened them properly afterwards.
  • Battery – Make sure your battery is secure and that there is no corrosion on the terminals. Corrosion can be cleaned off with a solution of bicarbonate soda in water.  Make sure you have a good set of jumper cables in your vehicle.
  • Brakes – Make sure that the brakes stop the car evenly with no excessive travel on the pedal. The pedal should not be spongy and no noise should be audible. Have them checked out if you have any concerns. Make a booking if your brakes need replacing.
  • Clutch – Make sure your clutch is not on the verge of slipping. With the vehicle stationary, press the brake pedal with the toe of your right foot while pressing the accelerator slightly with the heel of your right foot. With the transmission in low gear, let the clutch out. The vehicle should stall immediately, if not have it checked out.
  • Check all your pedals for wear and replace if possible. A foot slipping off a pedal can be dangerous.
  • Check your wiper blades as well as the wiping action of the blades. The blades should clean the glass on both forward and backward movements. Wash the windscreen with soap and water – do not use any silicone-based solvents.
  • Check that all the lights and indicators are working properly. If you are towing a caravan, make sure the lights have been readjusted to compensate for the load of the van.
  • Cooling system – check the fan belt for cracks and tension. Check the hoses for perishing and or leaks and with the radiator cap on and the engine running on part throttle, check for any tendency for the hoses to collapse inwards. Make sure you change any suspect hoses. Check the radiator cap seals properly.
Wilst it is impossible to prevent all breakdowns – a well maintained and serviced vehicle is less likely to breakdown Click To Tweet

From air conditioning services to tyres to locking your keys in your car, we will endeavour to get your car on the road again as quickly and economically as possible

If you have any concerns with your vehicle and would like to chat about those niggly issues, get in touch on Facebook Messenger or Google Messenger or Text / Call / Whatsapp

We are available on Waitangi Day and the weekend for breakdowns and roadside assist – don’t let a car problem ruin your weekend

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