It’s that time of the year when our wallets are bare and we have very little change to spare. Creditors are knocking; lists of school shopping and festive fun almost forgotten. Today, we are going to share some fuel-saving tips to hopefully lighten the financial load.

Fuel Saving Tips

Tyre Pressure

You would be surprised how tyre pressure can affect your fuel economy. If your tyres are slightly under-inflated your fuel economy is going to take a knock. It requires more power to pull away and accelerate with under-inflated tyres, so find out what the correct pressure is for your vehicle and make sure you keep it there. There is also the safety aspect. It is far more dangerous to drive around on under-inflated tyres.

Drive The Right Car

If you want fuel economy, the best is to go for a smaller lighter car. While that V8 with all the trimmings might seem like the car for you, your petrol bill might leave you with an empty wallet. Go for that little 1300 and you could save a substantial amount of money.

Walking Instead of Driving

Instead of taking a nice brisk walk down to the local shop, we are often too inclined to just hop in the car and go. While these short trips might seem like they’re not hurting our wallets, in the long run, they are. Walking not only saves you valuable petrol money, but you’ll be getting fitter in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

Keep Your Speed Constant

Maintaining a steady pace also uses less fuel. This is because it takes more petrol or diesel to accelerate than it does to keep your car moving at a constant pace. If you are the type of person who constantly overtakes when you get stuck behind slower vehicles, you will use a lot of fuel every time you put your foot down. Give yourself enough time to get where you’re going, relax, enjoy the journey and see how much fuel you save.

Keep Your Revs Low

When you pull off accelerate carefully to save on fuel. If you drive an automatic, accelerate moderately so the transmission can shift up into the higher gears. Manuel drivers should change gears early to keep the revs down, but keep your car in low gear if you need to accelerate to get over a hill. Keep an eye on the traffic ahead of you, looking out for potential slowing down situations, so you don’t have to brake suddenly, which wastes a lot of fuel.

Don’t Use Your Car To Store Your Stuff

The more extra baggage your car carries around, the more petrol or diesel it needs to do its job. If you use your car boot to store boxes of junk, golf clubs, luggage etc, go through the stuff you keep in the car occasionally and see what you can throw out or keep in your house; a clean, empty car uses less fuel.

Clean Air Filter

A clean air filter gives you better fuel consumption. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which harms performance and economy. To save fuel, service your car regularly and ask for your air filter to be checked, changed or cleaned.

Routine Maintenance

Make sure you are doing routine services on your vehicle. Things like dirty air cleaners, worn spark plugs, etc. can definitely affect fuel consumption. In the long run, you will save more money doing proper maintenance on your vehicle than putting in more petrol to keep your car going.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners, cause you to use more power and therefore more fuel. However, on the open road at higher speeds, wind resistance from your open windows and sunroof can cause you to use more fuel than the air conditioner, so consider the speed you are travelling at before you decide to turn off the aircon.


Tailgating is the act of driving too close to the person in front of you. Keep at least a two car following distance. Sudden braking and acceleration can adversely affect your fuel consumption.

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