Cabin filters should be changed at least once a year and more often if you drive in very dusty conditions.
Cabin Filters, also known as pollen filters, filter dust, pollen, fumes as well as other contaminants, giving the occupants of the vehicle crisp, clean air to breathe. They also enable the air conditioning system in the vehicle to work at its optimum.
A dirty and blocked cabin/pollen filter will result in reduced airflow through your climate control system, it could also result in bad odours.

Changing the cabin filters reduces allergic reactions like hayfever and should be changed every 15000 km’s or once a year.

Cabin filters are not usually changed at your annual service so next time you have your vehicle serviced, ask to have your cabin filter checked.

Good air filtration is important for driver and passenger health especially in dry, dusty, polluted and a high pollen conditions – check your cabin filter!! Click To Tweet

Regassing and servicing your air conditioning system and changing your cabin filter will result in your air conditioning system to work at its optimum level

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