Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

We in that last stretch of the year, edging along to cross over the 2019 finish line. Rushing around to get the last-minute shopping done, prepping for Christmas and packing for holidays. Whether you are staying at home for Christmas or going away, we hope you have a fantastic and festive Christmas and safe travels on the road.

Our most popular service this past week has most definitely been our Air Conditioning Service and regas with everyone taking up our opening special discounted price. Visit and Like, our Facebook page, Fix n Fit Auto for specials and discounts.

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Air Con Service

What does an air conditioning service entail?

An air conditioning service :

  • Detects Leaks
  • Vacuums air conditioning system to remove moisture
  • Fills system with new Gas and Oil

No More Musty Smells In Your Vehicle

An air conditioning service does NOT include:

  • Repairing Fans; Compressors; Switches or Seals
  • Repairing Leaks – air conditioning service only detects leaks

Air Conditioning Service at your Home

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Servicing car air conditioner.

Fix n Fit Auto is a mobile mechanic and that means we come to your home or work – a place and time convenient for you to have your vehicle air conditioning serviced and regassed.

When we arrive at your place, we will reverse our vehicle up to the bonnet of your vehicle. We will require an electrical point to plug our extension into. If there is no electrical point, we will use our generator, so an electrical point is not imperative – just less noisy than a generator 😉😉.

We will connect our hoses to your air conditioning system and then the recovery of your old gas starts – if there is any gas in the system. Once the old gas has been recovered, we do a vacuum on the air conditioning system. This removes all moisture that has collected in the system – that musty smell when you turn on the air conditioning.

The machine then does a leak test. Due to the vacuum hold in the system, if there is a leak, the vacuum won’t hold and will not gas the system. Small leaks are not picked up, only big leaks. We fill the system with argyle leak detection, which will pick up leaks with a fluorescent light after a couple of weeks.

Next, new compressor oil goes into the system and this goes in at the same time as the argyle leak detection. Lastly, the gas is filled according to the manufactures specifications for the vehicle.

We then run the vehicle to test the system – you now have an ice-cold car.

Remember to run your air conditioning system in Winter too. If you don’t run your air conditioning system, then the seals harden and crack and this causes leaks and unnecessary costs.

Running your aircon stops the seals from hardening and cracking preventing unnecessary repairs Click To Tweet

Run your air con for 10 mintes once a week in Winter – it stops the seals from hardening

Don’t delay – book your aircon service today – book here

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